All of our items are made by hand and many contain natural materials that vary from specimen to specimen. This means that items may be slightly different than the specifications provided in the description. Materials may have natural cracks visible.

Q: How long will it take to receive my ring?

A: Our current turnaround time for made-to-order items is 1-2 weeks. This does not include shipping time.

Turnaround time may be longer if:

  1. You ordered a more complex design

Q: Can I get my ring faster?

A: We do offer Express Shipping services . This is available depending on the ring you want and your time frame. Please contact us to see if your time frame is doable at info@simonvida.com. Include in your email:

  1. The ring you’re interested in
  2. What metal you want for your ring
  3. The date you need it by
  4. Your shipping address

Q: What happens if my package gets lost, damaged or stolen?

A: Basic insurance is Included ONLY in Express Delivery (max.  €200 value). It covers any lost, damaged or stolen items during transit.

We are not responsible for your item after it is scanned into the shipping providers system.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We ship to all corners of the earth. Depending on your country you can choose your shipping options at checkout. Shipping internationally typically has no issues. However, sometimes your package may be delayed at customs and/or require additional import fees. If this happens we will gladly help to expedite the process. SimonVidaJewelry is not responsible for any fees or delays.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: You can find our return policy by clicking here

Q: How can I be sure of my ring size?

A: We make all our rings from handcrafted materials just for you and can therefore not be resized. To make sure you give an accurate ring size when ordering please visit 2-3 local jewelers who can size your finger for you. Make sure to use a sizer that is the same width as the ring you are purchasing. Your fingers can swell and contract at different times of day and in different climate conditions and so take this into consideration.

Q: What are you able to engrave on a ring?

A: Please see Our Engraving option

Q: What information is needed for a custom ring:


  1. Ring size: 
  2. Ring width:
  3. Metal choice: Silver, Gold
  4. Material choice: What materials do you want included in your ring? Many of our most popular materials are: LP Vinyl Record, Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel, Meteorite, Fossil, Guitar strings, Antler, Turquoise, Opal and Ebony wood.
  5. Add ons desired
    1. Engraving: You can read about our engravings here

Q: How can I care for my ring?

A: We suggest buying Renaissance Wax via. Internet or Carnauba Car wax from your local Store.

To prolong the life of your ring please make sure to remove it during any harsh manual labor, rigorous exercise and while using harsh chemicals.