Titanium wedding ring set with faceted finish

Titanium Wedding Bands

The Beauty of Titanium Rings

Strong as steel, Light as a feather. Titanium is an outstanding metal, and it’s even got history with its origin story of being forged in the depths of collapsing stars. The substance was even named after the Titans, superhuman Greek gods of myth. Among us mortals, titanium wedding bands for men and women offer superior scratch resistance, durability and beauty that stand up to the test of time.

If your have an allergy to traditional metals, this hypoallergenic choice saves the day. It’s also incredibly lightweight – the International Space Station and some Boeing jets include parts made of titanium. Whatever your criteria for picking the perfect symbol of your love, titanium rings rise above many rivals.

Pros of Titanium Rings

Deciding to get titanium rings could be a good choice. There are many benefits to purchasing this type of ring for you and your spouse, including the following:

  • Strong and Durable

Titanium is one of the toughest elements on the planet, which means that your wedding rings will last for a lifetime. The metal can also withstand high levels of stress. You never have to worry about your rings getting bent or stretched out of shape because it takes a lot of force to change the shape of a titanium ring.

  • Lightweight

Titanium is tough, but it’s also lightweight – a lot lighter than gold and silver. If you don’t want to feel as if your ring is weighing your finger down, getting one crafted from titanium is your best option.

But don’t think you have to settle for a boring silver color. Titanium is a reactive metal, which means when it’s exposed to an electric current or heat, an oxide layer will develop that will change the color of the ring.

  • Long-Lasting

Another benefit of titanium is that the color will not change over time. The ring won’t fade, rust or corrode, either. You don’t even have to do a ton of maintenance to ensure that your ring continues to look good – all you have to do is wash it every so often with soapy water. That said, you do need to keep your ring away from bleach, chlorine and ammonia, as these will damage the surface.

Cons of Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are pretty amazing, and they can last for a really long time. However, before making a final decision on your wedding set, it’s helpful to know some of the cons that come with this option. These include:

  • Tough to Resize

As mentioned, titanium rings are incredibly tough. You won’t ever have to worry that they’ll bend or lose their shape over time due to extreme pressure. Keep in mind that their toughness makes them hard to resize. You’ll need to know your exact ring size as well as that of your betrothed when purchasing your rings.

  • They Don’t Shine

Due to the composition of titanium, it has a matte finish. This means that it won’t catch the light and sparkle like a gold or silver band. If you want the ring on your finger to dazzle, titanium might not be the best option.

A World of Options

Deciding what wedding set is right for you and your spouse means understand the pros and cons of titanium wedding rings. If you’re sure that titanium is what you’re looking for, see the options we offer at Simon Vida Jewelry. Looking for something else? We have a wide selection to choose from to suit every taste.