Armageddon Ring with T-Rex Bone, 2 Meteorites, 7 Dinosaur Bones & Tooth


Armageddon Ring with T-Rex Bone, 2 Meteorites, 6 Dinosaur Bones & Tooth

We Called this Ring  Armageddon. It contains  2 Meteorites  &  7  different Dinosaur Fossils, including Genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Bone.

This Ring  is Fully Handmade by us from start to finish.

Muonionalusta meteorite fragments (in Center part of The ring)
Campo del Cielo meteorite fragments

Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Bone fragments
Cetiosaurus Fossil Bone fragments
Megalodone Fossil Tooth fragments
Pliosaur Reptile Fossil Bone fragments
Spinosaurus Fossil Tooth fragments
Sauropod Fossil Tooth fragments
Triceratops Fossil Bone fragments

•925 Sterling silver Handmade base

•Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
•Finished with waterproof coating that requires minimal care
•Shipped in jewelry box, ready for gifting
•All parts are Handmade by us and not bought as ring blanks etc.

Every ring is made to order, unless stated otherwise, and may vary from the picture. A ring can never be an exact replica of the photo but the same style will be assured.


These rings and their materials are not fake, replicas, or imitations, these are made from the real material stated.
Since our inception, we at SVJewelry pride ourselves on ensuring that all fossils, rocks, minerals, meteorites, and any other relic in our rings are genuine. We only use trusted sources. Be assured that we go to great lengths to ensure our materials that we state are in our rings are exactly what they are and nothing less than the best.


Size DIFFERENCE between NARROW and WIDE rings.
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Generally, if sized with a narrow ring sizer, you would want to size up 1/4 – 1/2 size for rings 5-6mm wide and 1/2 – 3/4 size for rings 7-8mm wide.

Please be 100% sure of your size before ordering, as it takes a long time to make this ring. This rings are not resizeble, so We recommend to double check the ring size at your local jewelry store!

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It is advisable to take the ring off before exposing to water for prolonged periods, especially if using soaps or detergents as these can wear down the finish.
You should also be careful when lifting heavy goods or rigorous sporting activities.
We suggest a jewelry polishing cloth to clean your ring.


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